Matshita and Apple RPC1 firmware: a summary

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Matshita and Apple RPC1 firmware: a summary

Postby El Bacho on Mon Sep 10, 2007 1:10 am

For a long time, recent Matshita DVD drives from the UJ series were supposed to be unlockable and condemned to stay RPC-2. A few weeks ago, in August 2007, forum member ben11 found a way to make some of these drives region free (RPC1). He originally modified an official Apple update to achieve this, but quickly applied his discovery to varied types of drives, with unanimous success so far.

However, remember that you USE THE SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!. The operation isn't officially allowed or sanctionned, which you're supposed to know when you do it. The sotware was made possible by ben11. Neither him nor another member of the forum nor any forum administrator is responsible in case something turns wrong.

This post lists:
1) all drives that can currently be made region free through ben11's work
2) models in the waiting room: they may be made region-free when ben11 gets the time
3) other models, for which the firmware is currently unavailable and for which a dump is needed.

To check the model and the firmware revision of your DVD drive, use System Profiler ("Utilities" folder). This post only concerns Matshita drives (UJ-825 and later). For other models (other brands, CW series, older UJ drives), check the relevant threads, the non-forum section of the Firmware Page site or this comprehensive list: ... cle30.html

1- RPC-1 firmwares

Matshita UJ-825, firmware revision DAM5, DAND and DBN7 ... ... ...

Matshita UJ-835E, firmware revision GAND ...

Matshita UJ-835F, firmware revisions GEND, GFND and GGND ... ... ...

Matshita UJ-835S, firmware revison G100 ...

Matshita UJ-845, firmware revision DBN9 ...

Matshita UJ-845C, firmware revision DPP9 ...

Matshita UJ-845E, firmware revision DMP2 ...

Matshita UJ-846, firmware revision FA0G, FAAG, FB2U, FM3J, FQ3T ... ... ... ... ...

Matshita UJ-85J, firmware revisions FAV1, FBZ8, FCQ5, FCQA, FEW7, FM0S ... ... ... ... ... ...

Matshita UJ-85JS, firmware revision FWR7 ...

Matshita UJ-857, firmware revisions HAEA and HBEA ... ...

Matshita UJ-857D, firmware revisions KBVB, KCVB ... ...

NB: Older revisions of the Matshita UJ-857 and UJ-857D can be updated to these revisions but it requires to launch the "Superdrive Update 2.1" by Apple. The update, which was officially available, resulted in drives not working anymore for some users. It was removed from the Apple site a few days later and the problems it caused are apparently covered by warranty.

An archive of the official Superdrive Update 2.1 is unofficially kept here: ...

Some people have reported that their drives can't burn anymore after the update. The problems have nothing to do with making the drives region-free and come from the potentially buggy Apple update or previously undiagnosed drive problems.

Matshita UJ-857E, firmware revision ZA0E, ZB0E ... ...

(Quite a long list, ain't it... :wink:)

The warning from ben11:
The zip archives contain a "README!" and two updater applications.
One to flash the patched and another that can restore the original
firmware to the drive.

Usual caution about firmware updates: They do have the capacity
to go wrong and leave your drive useless. Use at your own risk!

In addition the above are new and due to lack of the exact
hardware to test all cases I have not been able to exercise
each one. Having said that I do believe they are fine.

To patch the drive, launch the updater. Don't worry about the progresion bar starting at 85% or being blocked during the entire operation. The update itself should last approximately one minute. After that, you'll have to reboot, as asked.

After the update, there are two final things to do:

-check your drive is actually RPC-1 by using an utility called DVD Info X. It is available here, for instance:

-install Region X 1.1.3, to switch between regions: ...

2- The waiting room: firmwares that are likely to be made region free soon

After his initial success, ben11 has offered people here to send him firmware dumps and he would try make the drives region free. He indeed posted a large batch of updates on September 7, then on September 29.

There are currently no firmwares in this section waiting to be made region-free. If you don't see your drive listed so far and it is a UJ-8xx, please read carefully the next section to know how you can contribute.

3- Drives that need your help

So far, a large sample of firmware revisions for the Matshita drives has been covered here. If you don't find your precise revision, it doesn't mean it can't be done, it mostly means you weren't quick enough. ;)

For instance, no data have been collected for this model (listed by ch-vox on the website):

Matshita UJ-845 (rev. D100)

If you have one of these drives or an unlisted model, you can contribute by sending a copy of your firmware on this forum. It only takes 30s. You just have to compile a small piece of code that will make a dump of the firmware data or launch a binary (it will create the file in your home folder):

The thread where you should post your dump (with precise instructions)
The binaries

All credits should be given to ben11, ch-vox, xvi, chaotik and every member here that contributes to make regional lockout a bad and distant memory...

This has now been made a sticky, Please read this and follow it, Do not start posting requests etc in here or problems, create an appropriate thread, updates only should be added for RPC1 links
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Postby El Bacho on Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:47 am

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Featuring a new list of region-free firmwares released by ben11.

Christmas (or
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