Big thanks

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Big thanks

Postby Guest on Sat Oct 13, 2001 3:49 pm

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of the Firmware page hereby.
I've succesfully made literally dozens of DVD players RPC1 and mainly because of your very well maintained and very easy to follow website.

Big thanks !

Postby Shark on Mon Oct 22, 2001 1:33 pm

I would also like to thank the powers that be, i have only flashed two units to be region free but wouldn't have been able to do it without this forum / website.


ps. My Toshiba SD-M1612 is begging to be RPC-1, any news on this 1?
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Postby Hijacker on Tue Oct 23, 2001 7:09 am

Thanks! I sure do appreciate this. From the day that I setup this new forum(24.08.2001) until now we had a lot of ups and downs with the realibility of the diffrent servers. I also went this far that I offered my newly registered domain for hosting the forum. But I never realised how many users are reading it. My montly bandwith limit was reached in only in a week and a half! But it looks like that this new free server is doing pretty well and I hope it will work like this forever.
Soon you guys can expect a totaly renewed version of the firmware forum, because I will [b]update[/b] its XMB forum core to a new version. It will look much nicer and will have a new feutures like pools.
[i]Here are some interesting facts about his forum that many do not realize:
Number of registered users 1019, 2091 posts, 892 topics.[/i]
2.03 posts per member
191.36 posts per forum
1.35 replies per thread
35.11 posts per day
17.10 new members per day
80.67% of all members have posted.

[u]Statistics by out host:[/u]

[b]Summary by month:[/b]
[b]August 2001:[/b]
[i]Daily average:[/i]
Hits: 17
Files: 4
Pages: 6
Visits: 2
[i]Monthly totals:[/i]
Sites: 5
Kbytes: 362
Visits: 8
Pages: 20
Files: 44
Hits: 54

[b]September 2001:[/b]
[i]Daily average:[/i]
Hits: 23349
Files: 12926
Pages: 3735
Visits: 518
[i]Monthly totals:[/i]
Sites: 1522
Kbytes: 232294
Visits: 1554
Pages: 11205
Files: 38780
Hits: 70049

[b]October 2001:[/b]
[i]Daily average:[/i]
Hits: 24787
Files: 12799
Pages: 4995
Visits: 660
[i]Monthly totals:[/i]
Sites: 10510
Kbytes: [b]1926899[/b] 1.9GB of transfer. and this is only been made by looking and posting new posts.
Visits: 13866
Pages: 104913
Files: 268793
Hits: 520528

Let me remind you. Today is 23. october. The month is still not over. :P
My conter on the index page says that we had a total of 11.593 [b]unique[/b] hits from the 3. october 2001. Average of the hits per day is 660. I do not know if you realize how big numbers this are, but they are [censured] big! :D
Looks like everybody wants to flash their drives. Imagine what would happen to this forum if they cancel the RPC2 standard and make all the drivers RPC1! :o

From this point on I would like to thanks mainly Arzeno for trusting me the administration of the new more usable forum. Without him and his firmware page the CD/RW/DVD users would be lost! Second I would like to thanks >NIL: that has been in a great help with moderating this forum. And third I would like to thank all the users of this forum that keeps the firware patchers busy :D

Enjoy the rest of the day,
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Postby Shark on Tue Oct 23, 2001 9:03 am

Have u thought about adding a small banner ad (no flames plz), because so many ppl get some much from this site / forum it would be nice to put something back in for all ur hard work / time / money.

I'm not for ad's on the whole but i for one wouldn't mind the odd click if i thought it helped u guys out.

Just a thought, thanks again for a great site.

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Postby Hijacker on Tue Oct 23, 2001 9:54 am

If I tell you the truth I have never thought about this... Curently the only expense I have from this forum is my time. Once per day(usualy in the morning) I create a backup of the MySQL database in wich all the users, posts, topics are stored and a few times per day I check if I can help someone with the answers to their post. The XMB forum is free,the web host for now is free... Hmm... I would have to contact Arzeno and >NIL: about this sugestion.

Thanks for advice!

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