DVRFlash V2 is great

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DVRFlash V2 is great

Postby Garyl on Fri Dec 03, 2004 5:28 am

I just wanted to say that DVDRFlash V2 is great for flashing my Pioneer 106D V1.07 to make it Region Free. Because it can be executed under WINDOWS you don't have to bother with knowing DOS commands or booting your system up under DOS mode just to do the flash. And V2 is so much easier to use than V1.2 .... V1.2 wants you to work out the SCSI identifier for the drive by trial and error but V2 just tells you this info. It's just great for a newbie like me (what's SCSI got to do with an IDE drive anyway?)

Previously I tried using the Pioneer supplied flasher program, UPGDVD.exe because the flash that I downloaded came with a BAT file that used UPGDVD.exe to do the flash. However, the flash initially made the drive very noisy and the drive only stayed Region Free temporarily (it stopped being Region Free after I rebooted my system a few times and repeating the flash didn't help at all). So eventually I tried DVRFlash V2 and it worked with no problems at drive is quiet and I haven't had any problems.

Thanks Agent Smith and NIL :D [code]
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