two Matshita DVD-ROMs in two iMacs = asking for help

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two Matshita DVD-ROMs in two iMacs = asking for help

Postby Average_Joe on Sat Sep 22, 2007 5:01 am

Hello --

I've spent a good two hours reading through this incredibly helpful site. It is indexed to the hilt and I'm very grateful. I come away with just a few numbered questions. Any of your help is very much appreciated. I have looked and looked for answers with Google limiting to

I have two nearly identical iMac G3s.
Machine 'A' has a Matshita DVD-ROM SR-8186 .
Machine 'B' has a Matshita DVD-ROM SR-8184 .

The problem is that Machine 'B' with SR-8184 , will not read CD-R and Machine 'A' will. Now please know that we are talking here about accessing CD media from Open Firmware, independent of the Mac OS.

So in other words, I need to be able to get Machine 'B' so that it will read CD-R bootable media, such as ISO's for Linux distributions. Machine 'A' does it beautifully; Machine 'B' won't at all.

It's not region-free stuff I am after; I just want to flash firmware on the SR-8184 in the hopes that this will do the trick for my optical media operations while in Open Firmware. I've been able to do have this work for me on other PCs; but I am a new Mac user.

Your site has a region free firmware update for the SR-8184. Here are my questions, and thank you.

(1) I am not clear on what OS X (or OS 9) flash utility to use for this. There are some very specific Mac flash utilities mentioned but limited to specific brands such as Pioneer. I thought I could hunt this down myself, but it hasn't happened. Any guidance appreciated on the "how" here for this Matshita plus Mac.

(2) Is there anything other than a flash of DVD firmware that might be helpful here to get the SR-8184 to read CD-R media? Maybe I am overlooking something simple as I am new to the Open Firmware console.

(3) Would using a firmware update from the 8186 and applying it to the 8184 be an obvious suicide maneuver? Even possible? (please see my question #1 above)

Again, thank you.
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