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Read Before Posting

Postby Puma on Fri Dec 29, 2006 9:58 pm

Please Read This Thread at Least Once

This section is for Mac specific region free firmwares.

Before asking, please search this section for previous posts answering your question. This will be much faster for you, as well as for other users.

If you're looking for a region-free firmware, your Mac model is NOT enough. Use Apple System Profiler (device tab), and click on the disclosure triangle on the left of your drive. This will display its brand, model and revision.

If you request a region-free firmware, please include your drive brand, model, and revision. Also include your Mac model. And if you put the drive brand/model/revision in your post's subject, it will be easier for everyone to help and to be helped.

You can setup your profile to be notified by mail of replies to your post

Please follow the above instructions

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