FAQ Thread/Info - LOOK HERE (updated 2015.02.11)

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FAQ Thread/Info - LOOK HERE (updated 2015.02.11)

Postby Puma on Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:54 pm

Please Read These FAQ at Least Once

BEFORE posting a question or requesting a firmware, make sure it has not already been answered or posted in one of the popular posts listed below.

Even if one of the threads below is not exactly your issue, it's a really good idea to check its content first. You might find exactly what you were looking for without the need to post on the forum. with yet the same.

This list will be updated on a regular basis.

Current Popular topics:

o Latest News, concerning the RPC1 Forum
o RPC1 Firmware Database
o Read this Before Posting
o Recommended Utilities by RPC1 Forum

o Links Thread for Firmware Sites and Downloads
o Where can I find the latest Firmware for my Drive?
o What's the Firmware on my drive?
o How To Find Information about my Drive?
o Still complaining about a region after flashing?? READ THIS!!
o Autoreset and RPC1 Firmware Difference
o Is your system fast enough for High-Speed Burning?
o Drives Running Slow? Burning Speed & Quality Dropped?
o Problems Flashing Drives in Windows, Use Safe Mode!
o Drive not running in DMA Mode
o Cleaning up your drive the right way
o Matshita Dump/Flash tools to make your Drive RPC1 in Windows (By ala42)
o Summary of RPC1 Matshita and Apple Firmwares
o Various RPC1 apple firmwares for matshita UJ-8xx drives
o Latest Matshita Apple RPC1 Firmwares (Patched by ala42)
o Frequently asked questions about DVD
o LG Renesas Firmware Utility Mac/Linux/Windows Utility Thread
o DVRFlash 2.2 Thread
o DVRFlash 2.7.x Thread
o Pioneer DVR-117/217 Thread
o Pioneer DVR-116/216 Thread
o Making Pioneer DVR-109>116, 212>216 Region Free for Mac Users
o Pioneer DVR-115/215 Thread
o Pioneer DVR-112 Thread+RPC1 Links
o How to Crossflash Pioneer 112/D to 112L to Allow Bitsetting/LabelFlash
o How to Crossflash Pioneer DVR-115/116/117+215/216/217 Drives
o Pioneer DVR-111 Thread+RPC1 Links
o Flashing Official Firmware back to a Pioneer 111 series
o Bitsetting with Pioneer 111 burner series
o Pioneer DVR-110/110D/A10/100/610 burners
o BUFFALO Pioneer DVR-110/110D FULL Bitsetting 8.37 Firmwares
o The Pioneer DVR-x08 Thread/FAQ
o Patching the Pioneer 106 & 107 to burn DUAL LAYER media?
o Testing Drive for Transfer and Burst Rates
o HOW TO reflash a misflashed slimtype (Laptop) drive (Thanks to trinca!)
o Writeable Media support for Pioneer burners
o Drive is not Showing up In My Computer+Similar Related Problems
o Deleting The Upper and Lower Filters
o Is there any Mac Labelflash and Lightscribe software available?
o The MCSE Thread/Questions Relating to it

Other non Firmware/Drive Related FAQ

o How to Post an Image in a Post

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