Toshiba SD-R2002 1E29 All Info Present--Please Help

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Toshiba SD-R2002 1E29 All Info Present--Please Help

Postby mfauteux on Thu Nov 22, 2001 2:47 pm

*Toshiba DVD-ROM (CD-RW/DVD ROM) SD-R2002
*Firmware Version 1E29
*Computer: Dell Inspiron 8100 Notebook
PIII 833 MHZ, 256 RAM, Fixed Drive: DVD-ROM, Removable = Floppy
*'idediag' program used to find out DVD is PRIMARY SLAVE ATAPI
*Drive is IDE--located in control panel under system
*Using minimal boot disk (win ME) from
*Have DVD Genie (Not installed yet)
*Have Drive Info--Two switches left for user, 4 for manufacturer
*Have '2002_1E29' and '2002_XE29' firmware downloads
*Expanded files (firmware and flash program) will be stored in C:FIRMWARE

1) Do I need to install DVD Genie before I flash my Drive?
2) Which firmware patch should I use?
--->'2002_1E29' which has the files 'e1E29.hex', a readme, and 'V115TEG'
--->'2002_XE29' which has the files 'XE29.hex', readme, and 'V115TEG'

Neither Readme gives any drive specifications. Neither says it must be secondary master. Mine is Primary Slave. Is this a problem for either one? Advice on how to proceed. I also posess a ME bootdisk made from 'DVD-Boot' the "Firmware Flashing Bootidsk" from NIL's Manual.
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Postby Sorky on Fri Nov 30, 2001 2:17 am

The 2002_1E29 file is the Original (keep this so that you can replace the RPC-2 firmware if you ever have to)

The 2002_XE29 is the modified RPC-1 firmware that (combined with a software utility like DVD Genie) will make your player Region Free.
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